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Guides: From Blank Pages to Sophisticated Design

We've been getting lots of great feedback on what customers are looking for in a page layout tool.  One of the most interesting things we heard was from a journalist asking for guides to be easier.  I know this sounds silly - but what a great idea!

So if we ...Read More

Project Picker. Wow That Was Easy

We know the concept of visually laying out projects into their respective categories isn't a new one.  But we are really excited about what it brings to the ease of use (and fun!) of The Print Shop 3.0.

The Project Picker is intended to be your home within The Print ...Read More

An All New Approach to Headlines

Headlines are one of the most popular features in The Print Shop.  So we set out to create a really fun and easy way to help you give emphasis to your words.

One of the things we added to the software is Ready-Made Headlines.  We call them "Styles", and they are ...Read More

Bring Back the Address Book!

You asked, we answered.  And by the way, you were right - The Print Shop desperately needed an Address Book!

We modeled the Print Shop 3.0 Address Book off of The Print Shop 23, giving you a robust way to store and manage your contacts.  We created an easy wizard tool ...Read More

Ding! You Have an Event Coming Up!

Forget to make a birthday card for Uncle Roger's birthday?  Never again!

The Print Shop 3.0 allows you to store key events inside the address book for all of your contacts.  This includes birthdays, anniversaries and just about any event you can think of.  Then The Print Shop will automatically ...Read More


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