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Cool Fills for Headlines

Here are some easy techniques for making outstanding titles using the Headlines feature.

You can choose a Ready-Made Headline which has pre-selected style, color fill, outlining and shadowing effects.




And of course, all those ...Read More

making a logo with a transparent background

You've designed your logo in The Print Shop 4.0.  Now you want to save it as an image with transparent background (i.e. PNG) rather than a white background.

For this demonstration, I have created a logo on a Sign project, landscape orientation.


...Read More

Be inspired by a ready-made template.

Of course you can simply select a ready-made card, and print it off as is.  However, don't limit yourself to looking for only "finished" cards in a specific layout and category.  The fun is in making your card unique, reflecting your style, and bringing a smile to those important people in your life.  Print ...Read More

Custom Photo Card for the Holidays

Use a Ready-Made template from the Greeting Cards gallery, for a fast holiday card customized with a family photo.  Follow along to see how this card was made.


Go to the Ready-Made Greeting Card templates.  Type "Christmas" into the Search box.  ...Read More

Making a sign with tear-off tags

Do you have something to sell and you want to make a sign/ poster to put up on a community bulletin board? Whether it's for babysitting services, piano lessons, a lost cat, or selling a car, The Print Shop is great for making signs with tear-off tags so people can take the info ...Read More


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