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Cropping Photos

Most people add a photo to their project first, and then crop it.  Although this is the intuitive method, it produces an edited image with the same aspect ratio of the original photo, giving it a distorted look.  The cropped photo then requires stretching.

Here is a better method for ...Read More

How to make your old projects compatible in new programs

You have projects that you created in older versions of The Print Shop, on your old computer.  You bought a new computer with Win 8.1.  Since your old version of The Print Shop won't run on your new computer, you installed The Print Shop 3.5.

But what if your projects ...Read More

Fill a Shape with a Photo

Trying to crop several photos, resize and arrange them just so on your page?  It can be painstaking work.  Here is an easier method!  Create a photo collage template with shapes.



Start by adding shapes to your page.  ...Read More


Gradients can be added to the background, to text, and to shapes.

To add a gradient to the background, go the the Project Tab and click the dropdown arrow on the Fill button. From the options, choose Gradient.



...Read More

Poster Printing

Print a big poster with your desktop printer.  The Print Shop 3.5 makes it easy to enlarge your poster design to cover 4 or 9 sheets of letter size paper.

You don't have to worry about creating a big canvas size.  Just start with a new sign project, portrait orientation, ...Read More


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