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Making a sign with tear-off tags

Do you have something to sell and you want to make a sign/ poster to put up on a community bulletin board? Whether it's for babysitting services, piano lessons, a lost cat, or selling a car, The Print Shop is great for making signs with tear-off tags so people can take the info ...Read More

Understanding Borderless Printing

Most printers will leave a border along all 4 edges ranging from about .1 inches on the leading edge,  up to .5 inches on the trailing edge (the unprintable margin area). Some drivers have a "centered" option. This option simply adds more margin (until all the margins are equal) so that the printable area ...Read More

Ready-made guides

The Ready-Made Guides templates help you position your design elements in columns.  Typically, you would need columns in a newsletter, so The Print Shop 3.5 has Ready-Made Guides templates in the Newsletter blank projects.  (A Sign project would not have Ready-Made Guides templates.)


Start by creating a new ...Read More

Making a background

A simple background can be a solid color or a gradient.  There are also lots of possibilities by creating a background fill using an image.



Start a new project, open the Project tab and click the Fill ...Read More

A Card for Mom

Mother's Day is coming up and The Print Shop 3.5 can help you make a really special card.  Follow these instructions for an easy to design and print card.



Download this Mother's Day card template for 8.5 ...Read More


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