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Tint Effect - Turn Photo Into Art

An ordinary photo can be turned into a classy art piece, using one simple Effect.  It's so easy in The Print Shop!

Import your photo into a new blank project.  For this demonstration, I am using a photo of "Aunt Linda" and "Aunt Ellen".  Rather than spend a lot of ...Read More

Image Tray - selecting graphics the easy way

While working in The Print Shop, you may find yourself going back and forth between the Clipart Gallery and your project page, each time you choose a graphic and add it to your project.  You are probably thinking it would be nice if you could browse the Clipart Gallery, and make multiple selections.  Then ...Read More

Getting ready for the holidays!

Thinking of making custom calendars for holiday gift giving? It is not too early to start! You need time to choose, organize and edit your photos, and look up those birthday and anniversary dates.

...Read More

Photo Frame Overlays

The Print Shop has so many frames to decorate your photos.  There are hundreds of "traditional" type frames, ones that look like wood or metal.  The Print Shop also has photo frame overlays, a bit different from real-life frames.

Type photo frame overlay into the Search box for some very arty ...Read More

Art Collections

Have you browsed the Clip Art Gallery, just for fun, to see a fraction of what is available to you?  It's like walking through a store where everything you see is free!  This is where you can be inspired to create something with the things that catch your eye.

...Read More


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