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Aligning text using a table

If you are familiar with spreadsheets, you already know why putting your data into rows and columns makes sense.  If your data includes numbers, it is especially important that the numbers line up.

In this example below, you can see how well lined up the text and numbers are in ...Read More

Calendar - Repeat Annual Events

Do you like to make photo calendars for family members as gifts for the holidays prior to the New Year?  Then of course, after you painstakenly type in everyone's birthdays and anniversaries, you want that information to automatically appear on future calendars that you will create.  Typing it again year after year - who ...Read More

Text Box Layout - wedding programme demo

Lining up text is simple when just typing a paragraph.  However, when designing a project such as a menu or a wedding programme, lining up text requires more planning when you want sections of text to appear in columns.

For example, here is a wedding programme I designed in The ...Read More

Three Easy Steps to Make a Gorgeous Card

Recently a friend asked me to make a card she could mail to her little granddaughter.  No special occasion - just a way to brighten a little girl's day by getting her own personal envelope delivered by the mailman.  Do you remember how special it was to receive a personal letter by the postal ...Read More

Create a Facebook Cover Photo

Your Facebook Cover Photo doesn't have to be a photo from your phone.  The Print Shop makes it easy to design your own Facebook Cover Photo, with the right template.  You can design a cover for your small business (see the example I made at the bottom) or just have fun creating a design ...Read More


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