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Make a Webpage

Even without knowledge of HTML, you can create a webpage with The Print Shop 6.0.  This program should not be used for creating an entire website.  For that you would need a stand-alone website design program.

You will need 2 things in order to share your new webpage on the ...Read More

Create a Specific Size Photo

Sometimes we need a photo cropped to a precise size to submit for a publication, for example, a magazine article or ad.  For this demonstration, let's say the publication has asked for a photo that must be sized to 2"x3" at 300 dpi.

Although the Image Editor does not have the ...Read More

Frame Your Photo


The Print Shop 6.0 Deluxe has hundreds of frames in so many styles to add flair to your photos.

Start with a new blank project and add your photo.  Click the ClickArt icon to ...Read More

The Print Shop 6.0 - Start with a Ready-Made template

The Print Shop 6.0 has a new interface so this demonstration shows how to create your project by starting with a Ready-Made template.

Click the Ready-Made templates icon on the left.  This brings up the 4 categories:

  • Celebrations
  • Documents
  • Advertising
  • Stationery


...Read More

Many on One Page

...Read More


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