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The Print Shop 6.0 - Start with a Ready-Made template

The Print Shop 6.0 has a new interface so this demonstration shows how to create your project by starting with a Ready-Made template.

Click the Ready-Made templates icon on the left.  This brings up the 4 categories:

  • Celebrations
  • Documents
  • Advertising
  • Stationery


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Many on One Page

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12 Month Photo Calendars

The new year is coming!  If you are planning to create and print custom calendars as gifts for friends and family, it's time to get started.  With The Print Shop, you can make 12 month photo calendars, personalized with your own photos and embellished with exclusive Print Shop graphics.

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The Magic Wand Tool

The Magic Wand tool in the Print Shop Pro version, lets you select a particular color from an image. and then apply certain special effects to that selected color.  To demonstrate, here are two different background papers.


Paper A


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Aligning text using a table

If you are familiar with spreadsheets, you already know why putting your data into rows and columns makes sense.  If your data includes numbers, it is especially important that the numbers line up.

In this example below, you can see how well lined up the text and numbers are in ...Read More


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