Ah yes, it is that time of year again. Love is in the air! What better way to say I love you! Or Happy Valentine’s Day! Than to create your own card at home! With PrintMaster 2020 and The Print Shop 6.0, it is easy to design a card from scratch or from a template.

First things first. Do you want to create from scratch? If so, you will need your own images or other content to design. You can use JPG files or the content from our image collections such as the Royalty Free Holidays and Celebrations collection.

(We covered a blog on these collections previously, for more info see this link )

From PrintMaster, click on the Pencil icon which is the third Icon down.

Choose the type of project you wish to design, and press create.

If it’s Print Shop 6.0 that you are using, the default screen should show you the from scratch start-up screen as indicated below:

Once you have chosen your project, you are ready to design. Use the tools on the sidebar and the tools at the top of the screen to design your project. Don’t own a collection of images suitable for your project? No problem!

From PrintMaster 2020, click on the Clip art bar, add button, click the plus on Holidays and choose Valentine’s Day. We have plenty of content for you here:

If this was in Print Shop, click on the Clip art button which is the 7th object down from the sidebar, and type in the term “Valentine”. You can see quite a selection of art from the selection screen. Hint- Make sure to click through on the different pages to see the available clip art choices as it is just not one page.

Having a hard time with inspiration and need to design a card in a hurry! No problem use the readymade gallery.

On the PrintMaster 2020 Startup screen, click on the second button on the left which is Browse Ready Made Projects. Type in “Valentine”. A list of Valentine’s Day templates appears below:

On Print Shop 6.0, close out the Custom project menu on start. Click on the button at the top left.

Then move your mouse to Open – Open Ready-Made Templates.

From the Basic Ready-made template screen click on Show All. Type in “Valentine” in the search box.

A list of premade projects are ready for you to customize.

Now you are ready to design! Once finished, be sure to save your project so that if you need it again you can work on the customization. Then click on the File button to the left of home and then press Print.

Some advice before printing: Depending on the project you are printing out, be sure to have the correct paper stock for your project. If it is a photo card that fits into a frame, try out glossy paper. If this a greeting card, try a heavy paper stock for best results.

Before using a custom paper stock, use a standard sheet of paper and print out the project to see how it looks. (Use economy printing quality so you do not waste ink on the test page)

If the test print out looks okay, then insert your custom paper stock on top of the regular sheets and print your project. That way you can be sure you know your projects are correct each time you design something.

Have an inspiration for creating projects? Let us know on our Broderbund Facebook page!