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Don't know where to start with your next project? It's easy to get designing with the Patterns and Backgrounds Image Collection. More than 2,300 background images will fuel your creativity
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Don't know where to start with your next project? It's easy to get designing with the Patterns and Backgrounds Image Collection. More than 2,300 background images will fuel your creativity.

  • Designs for every holiday, celebration and day-to-day need
  • Over 2,300 background images
  • All images are royalty free without limitations
  • Suitable for personal and commercial (business) use

Backgrounds are the cornerstone of good design. Discover the difference exquisitely themed patterns make for all of your projects from personal scrapbooks to business brochures and more! Begin your projects with perfect backgrounds and watch your ideas grow into something bigger.

Ready-Made Background Projects

Charming pre-made background pages with matching borders, bows, ribbons and embellishments make layouts a snap. Themes range from holidays to seasonal to everyday sparkle!

Ready-Made Background Projects

Argyle Plaid Patterns

Alternating diamond check patterns come in a seemingly infinite number of variations. Choose from many different themes:

  • Baby Girl Pink
  • Birthday
  • Colors Bug Pattern
  • Harvest Autumn
  • Black and White
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Love Heart
  • Bunny Hop
  • Farm Yard
  • Count Our Blessings
  • Colorful Diamond
  • Mother's Day
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Grave Yard
  • Fresh Baked
  • Happy New Year
Argyle Plaid Patterns

Lettering Backgrounds

Let your projects say what you want them to with background lettering. The selection of lettering covers a full calendar of events with designs like: Smile and say “Cheese!”; Teach, Reach, Inspire…; Gobble, Gobble, Gobble; Laugh, Giggle, Smile; Wild!; Lucky One; Boo! and more.

Lettering Backgrounds

Dot Backgrounds

Dots – lots and lots of dots – are yours for the taking. Some bright, some subtle, all alluring — take your pick of dots.

Dot Backgrounds

Linear Backgrounds:

You can't help but be inspired by all the designs made from lines. Pick from wedding formal, wrapping page, white swirl, wavy colorful, summer colored, raindrop blue band, purple angle, pink Valentine, orange pumpkin, holiday, brown rainbow, Easter pink and so many more.

Linear Backgrounds

Star Backgrounds

Stars reflect every glimmer in the sky with themes, including American, small gray, red fabric, purple dark, orange sunshine, and other star-filled designs.

Star Backgrounds

Bark Backgrounds

It looks like wood but it's not. Barks come in blue, orange, pink, tan, green and more.

Bark Backgrounds

Even More Backgrounds

Want even more backgrounds? Other designs include hearts, flowers, paisleys, zig zags, spirals, bursts and paw prints.

Crisscross Backgrounds

What You Can and Cannot Do with Royalty Free Image Collection Images

If you are creating designs that you are selling or using as part of your business, then Royalty Free images are for you. Commercial use – royalty-free images empower your design possibilities like never before by giving you the ability to sell your designs without worry! These top-quality royalty-free images give you the creative freedom to make whatever you want for just about any purpose you have— even for commercial applications. That means you can use this art collection for advertisements, business brochures, posters, professional business cards and other commercial needs. These images are ideal for all of your projects whether for business or personal use. Create just about anything you want without limitations.

*Please note even royalty-free – commercial use does include some no-no's. Please refrain from branding, distributing, selling or claiming graphics as your own; redistribution; download distributions; or using graphics in pornographic, racial or harmful material.

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