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Travel and adventure images will take your projects to new worlds. Satisfy your creative wanderlust with more than 1,000 images, all royalty free.

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Travel and adventure images will take your creative projects to new worlds. Satisfy your creative wanderlust with more than 1,000 images -- all royalty free with no copyright restrictions. Embellish your personal and business projects (even advertising!) with exciting images. Discover just the right travel or adventure image, no matter where your creativity takes you.

A Creative Journey

A huge image selection has just what you need, whether you are putting together a travel brochure or a newsletter, a vacation event flier or a scrapbook of your family trip. Find images of recreation and relaxation for any destination. The Travel and Adventure Image Collection is your creative stand by. Take a look at some of the wonderful travel-themed images this must-have royalty-free premium art collection includes.

  • Globes and Maps
  • Roads
  • Cameras and Film
  • Suitcases and Travel Trunks
  • Flags
  • Fireworks
  • Cups
  • Boxes
  • Shoes
  • People
  • Souvenirs
  • Clocks

Transportation: Climb aboard for images that capture the experience of travel in motion. Your projects will convey a true sense of adventure with the addition of airplanes, helicopters, boats, buses, cars, trucks, trains and scooters.

Signage: Descriptive wording makes the mark. Place lettering and signage in your designs for a more personal touch. Design with wording depicting moments, memories and so much more!

Backgrounds: Begin your travel and adventure project with a fun background. With so many choices, you can't go wrong. Backgrounds will enhance your design and tie other project elements together.

  • Paisleys
  • Fades
  • Waves
  • Leaves
  • Clouds
  • Hearts
  • Lattice Patterns
  • Textures
  • Fabrics
  • Bolts
  • Bursts
  • Swirls
  • Dots
  • Teardrops
  • Squares
  • and even Butterflies!

Flowers: The fresh look of a flower is a universal joy. Add a floral feel to your design with roses, daisies, lilies, pansies, sunflowers, tulips and tropical blooms.

Decorations: Liven up your travel and adventure projects with extra decorative touches. Corners, frame tops and frame bottoms, spatters, splats, and patterns will complete your look.

What You Can and Cannot Do with Royalty Free Image Collection Images

If you are creating designs that you are selling or using as part of your business, than Royalty Free images are for you. Commercial use – royalty-free images empower your design possibilities like never before by giving you the ability to sell your designs without worry! These top-quality royalty-free images give you the creative freedom to make whatever you want for just about any purpose you have— even for commercial applications. That means you can use this art collection for advertisements, business brochures, posters, professional business cards and other commercial needs. These images are ideal for all of your projects whether for business or personal use. Create just about anything you want without limitations.

*Please note even royalty-free – commercial use does include some no-no's. Please refrain from branding, distributing, selling or claiming graphics as your own; redistribution; download distributions; or using graphics in pornographic, racial or harmful material.

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Macintosh® OS X 10.7 – 10.11¹, Intel® Core Solo processor 300 MHz or better, 128 MB RAM, 7GB hard drive space, DVD-ROM drive, keyboard and mouse.

¹Administrator privileges are required to properly install the program on Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10 and Mac® OS X.

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