A big thank you to our loyal Broderbund Customers!

A big thank you to our loyal Broderbund Customers!

A big thank you to our loyal Broderbund Customers!

Hello! My name is Jason. I am a Product Manager at Encore Software and I have been with the company since 2015. On behalf of everyone here at Encore Software, I wanted to thank all of you for your business of our Print Shop, PrintMaster, Calendar Creator, and Mavis Beacon brand names over the years.

Since the late 1970’s, Broderbund has been serving up great content that allows you to free your creative mind by designing limitless creations and have professional like printing quality on all of your projects.

We have seen a lot of product variations of the years from 5.25” Floppy disks to 3.5” Floppy discs and then eventually evolve to CD Rom and now our dominant format, the DVD Rom. We even offer download products now as well, so you do not have to travel to a store to purchase an excellent desktop publishing solution.

You may recall in a previous email that we were going to start discontinuing older products in favor of improving performance on current products. You may think now why is my perfectly good program not going to be supported anymore?

The answer is clear. Windows 10 was designed for modern, current-age computers and as updates are published, compatibility for older products diminishes. While we would love for our loyal customers to continue to use these products, it is just not possible by today’s programming standards.

Encore has been hard at work over the last few years to bring solutions to our customers that not only work on Windows 10 but provide a fantastic value for what we offer versus what is currently on the market for other, similar products.

Therefore, today, we are inviting you to check out our current products which maintain compatibility with older projects.

The first one is Print Shop 6.0 Deluxe. We offer this in Deluxe and Pro Editions. It has the same great features as your older program has but with Windows 10 compatibility and file compatibility with Print Shop 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.01, and 5.0.

The second one is Print Shop 23.1 Deluxe. We have many customers who have been using PrintMaster 8.0 through 18.1 and Print Shop 10 through Print Shop 23 (even older copies of 23.1!) Our current offering is fully compliant with Windows 10 and will appease older Print Shop and PrintMaster users. You can open your older files with confidence that they will open with these versions.

How about Calendar Creator? Not to worry! We have a solution for Windows 10 users. If your files are in the BCC format, you can import them into this new version which you can continue to edit your existing content and also design new calendars as well.

PrintMaster? Yes! We have released a 2020 version of PrintMaster. For those of you who may still be running PrintMaster v8 Platinum, we can import elements of your projects from that version so you can maintain compatibility on your operating system.

(It’s important to know that if you need access to your older PM projects, you should purchase Print Shop 23.1 Deluxe)

Finally, we have not forgotten Mavis Beacon. It’s our flagship typing tutor. We’ve designed many versions over the years, and it’s won over lots of typing enthusiasts from beginners to seasoned typists and even educational / business facilities who rely on our products to help promote good typing skills in the classroom and workplace!

Last year, Encore developed Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2020 which maintains the core focus on typing skills and maintains the fun of the typing games while preserving compatibility for new operating systems.

We did not stop there! Just this year, we released Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz, a fun and full-featured typing tutor which appeals to a younger audience and has all the fun games that our original software has, but now with Windows 10 compatibility.

Encore is proud of the developments we’ve achieved over the years and will continue to release quality, brand name products at a price that’s unmatched on the market today. We welcome you to see our new offerings by visiting our website at www.encore.com and www.broderbund.com

Of course, your feedback is important to us as well! If there is anything you would like to see in a future product we release, please send your feedback to [email protected] and we will pass this onto the correct staff who oversees the development of our products.

To say thanks, please enjoy this special offer on our newest products. Save 15% amount until June, 6th 2021.

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