Sweet Valentines memories - By Jason Carver

Sweet Valentines memories - By Jason Carver

Hello! This is Jason your Product Manager from Encore Software. I am excited to announce some developments that we’ve been working on for Print Shop 6.0 Deluxe and Professional. Here is a list of improvements that have been made to this version:

Address Book Compatibility: One of the biggest improvements we’ve made is compatibility with Print Shop AB2 files. You may have attempted to use these files in the past and it’s not been a successful attempt to import your information. With this new update you will find expanded compatibility with these files for your label projects and more.

Email Features: Previously we were encountering some issues with the ability to share a project with other members, now this is fixed, and you can use the feature as normal.

Less Confusion: In the previous version, you would notice that there were 3 icons in the task bar of the program. We’ve fixed this issue so you can be assured that there is only one instance of the program running.

Project Rendering and Printing: We understand that there have been some issues where the Print Preview and Print button was clicked, the project was rendering but you were not able to print any projects. This has been resolved but we also politely ask that if you encounter anymore issues with the printing function, to send information about your printer to Technical Support so that we can investigate.

There have been overall improvements as well to viewing certain projects such as banners, business cards and calendars before you print your project.

Offline Holiday Templates: For those of you who may be designing your cards for Christmas, we have included 100 offline templates for that holiday so you can use the program offline without the internet. You will find these projects will load rather quickly and not rely on connecting to the online server to download your projects.

New Registration Process: To make it easier for our customers to get right into the program, we’ve implemented a new activation process so that you can get into the program right away after purchasing the program. For existing customers who need to reinstall their product, you can contact Customer Service and they can assist you with obtaining the updated version.

Now is the time, more than ever to purchase Print Shop 6.0 with all the enhancements we’ve made recently to this project. Got any suggestions for us on how we can improve the product? Please let us know on our Facebook Pages for Encore and Broderbund Software. We record all feedback to make this product the best.

Happy Designing!

Jason Carver

Product Manager

Encore Software