Summer Activities from Encore Software!

Summer Activities from Encore Software!

Looking for ways to help you spend your summer activities and projects more efficiently and effectively? Look no further! We’ve got lots of award-winning apps, tools, and content to help you do this!

Our Product Manager, Jason Carver has a fantastic Summer Fun idea for Print Shop plus see inside for other fantastic offers for summer!

Summer fun with Puzzles and Print Shop!

Our Favorite Past-time! As a younger child, I remember putting together pieces of puzzles, going to the drug store and my grandmother buying me a fun, new puzzle based off a cool new character from a TV show or some other cool theme.

Today you do not think of a puzzle that much for a fun activity. But with Print Shop, we can do a lot of fun projects besides cards, banners, and signs!

Go to File – Open and select Open new Ready-Made project. Click on Show All

Choose Cat Face Puzzle.

You see the outline here? You don’t have to use that photo. You can use another one. Drag the frame over to the side. Click on the Photo Import Button.

Make sure you size up the photo image to fill the image that was in there before. Right click and select Move to Back on the photo. Drag the puzzle frame onto the picture.

Now, you can print it out, and then use a special tool to cut out the puzzle pieces, and have a fun puzzle to do for the Summer! For the best results, use a heavy paper stock as you have a better result when you put the puzzle pieces together.

(SIDE NOTE – You may need a sharp tool to carve out the pieces. Kids – please get your parents’ permission before using such objects to work with this project!)

Lots of fun ideas to be used with photos!

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